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Leaky Pete... be yourself.... Eyeryone else is taken????

Open minded , none judgmental; I hope ! * Spiritual *
Looking for a FW, or a FWB . I’m kind honest , and and open+ masculine. Beach Dude, yogi, Skier, meditator, and enjoy Versatile Sex .” Like to give and receive.” ❤️, to cum with my partner A+++. HIV Negative. Tested 09/25/2919. Had same FWB for over 1 year ... he moved on 0910/2019 ... to Chicago .
Really enjoyed experimenting inbetween sheets S well as other stuff as well . Spontaneous, yet responsible. Out there, yet grounded . Friends say 1/2 Nicky mouse the other ...Einstein. Sexually . Open to most not harmful stuff.
A big cummer hear 3 loads mostly . Think from healthy eating and my Hoga practice ... and for swillers or fletchers. My cum does taste awesome. No toxins u. My system. Drink tines if Eater. Sweat with my hot Yoga. Drink plenty of WTermelon H2O Watrr . For electrolytes . Side effect My cum is sweet and tasty . Like kettle corn. Yummy in ur tummy if u endulge

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Sex Preferences

OutEveryone knows
HIV StatusNegative

Public Sex preferences

What's your favorite public sex places?Never thought abought it . The beach , or on an Airplane . Not bathrooom. First slash. Where u can sleep in a Bed
Describe the riskiest place you have had a sexual encounter?Oh ... a Plane, and the Fur Vault of a department store. On top of a Sable

Trucker Preferences

What do you haul?Nothing - not a trucker
What type of truck do you drive?Smart carb
Where is your favorite truck stop?Never have had sex at one . Want to try


EthnicityCaucasian / White
National heritageEnglish
BuildAthletic / toned
Height183 cm
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorSalt and pepper
Hair LengthNeck length
Facial HairShaved
Body ArtStrategically placed tattoo
Health ConditionNo problems
Endowment (width)Thick


Wants to RelocateYes
AvailabilityAnytime / Anyplace
Has a carYes

Education & Employment

EducationUniversity Masters
Employment StatusFull-time
Job TitleCEO of my own Consulting company since 1999

Looking For

I prefer:Intelligence, Good Looks, Humor, Empathy, Sensitivity, Oddities, Spontaneity, Wit, Thoughtfulness
My perfect matchA very open minded , politically left meaning man. Spiritual versus Religious. Does not consider himself better or worse than anyone else on planet. We all have our gifts. Self confident . Self Ware . We all have a “ story... dysfunction to some degree. I prefer not to Leeds with that . A may with a positive attitude . 1/2 full . The best has yet to come, versus . I’m getting old . Young at heart . Curious, wants to learn, travel and grow, and have fun until the day he dies. And someone that try’s to connect to the Best in people he meets versus pointing out the negative aspects. Honest . Thoughtful , caring of all people. And ... one who is Ware if the world around him, verses just his own World. A traveler . No beard to be a brainiac . Just be willing to be open to others ideas . All over the world . Out there yet Grounded . Knows when to be silly for him not me and when to be serious. A guy who is cizynin his own skin. Not in search of someone to complete him. I feel we all complete ourselves. Once we are there, we are attractive to ourselves, and others as well . Not in to co- dependent men
Prefer , men who are ok on their own, or interdependent . Not into jealousy... but I do subscribe to monogamy . If in a LTR or even with a FWB status. As 1- health, and so much more fun not to be guarded . Last FWB. Was. Bottom, Not is versatile. Helped him get comfortable. With experimentation . And not define himself as a bottom. Bottoms are fine. Don’t get me wrong . I love to bottom and top . They are 2 different experiences. I enjoy both .
And someone who does not keep secrets. I feel that withholding , emotionally ... and eventually , I end up finding it unattractive . I’m open, maybe 2 open . My tag line. “ be yourself, everyone else is Taken.” I take very seriously. Not a materialistic person . $$$ is fine... but not to define who you are , or who ur friends are . $$$. Can’t buy joynor hapoiness. Make life easier yes... but then ... sometimes u grow out out of difficult and challenging times, and then appreciate the really great ones . Aka- ya got to identify Darkness, to see the light . Hope I’m being clear .
Our first dateMaybe , coffee, a Drink , not a huge drinker, and doing something we both enjoy. A day or a walk on the beach. Something on Netflix we both want to watch. Or Meal and good conversation . Most important to me. Be in the moment . Line . Be here now. Versus thinking 1- do I like him, does he like me. Are we going to fuck ... and let ur mind just settle into what the moment or moments or day or days bring- try not to think to hard about past or future. My best connections happen that way . We may discuss, a butterfly, politics, a Neal . Anything that comes up and is natural feels alwYs best for me. Donut could be anything . Let’s medt for a glass of water . Really . It’s not the whatnor where, more the connection. Mental spiritual... soulful, and physical . I normally look for all versus . Only a sexual connection- unless it’s what we both see . And know it is what it is. And not lead other to places where we are not comfortable going . Hope that makes sense. I can’t read minds. Somplease - fell ne what ur feeling when we are interacting . I most likely won’t change... but u may be pointing out a flaw I’m either working on ... or would certainly like to know about . Then I can choose . I’ll be aware 2 ears and 1 mouth. Really expect same or hope ur open to open honest dialog. We may talk Sex only- totally fine. We may discuss climate change- totally fine. I don’t have expectations. So please please . If I’m lucky enough to meet you . Please try not to have expectations of what u think I’m lime, or what u want carved in Stone . U never know. I actually enjoy surprises . In bed and doing other stuff as well .

Sexual Activities

Sex isAlways on my mind
Most partners at once:Only one on one
Dirty talkDepends on the person
Night life:Intimate gatherings in my home, Movies, Munches

Sexual Interests

Sex toys:Anal beads, Butt plugs/probes, Clitoral stimulator, Cock ring, Dildos/Vibrators, Fruits/veggies, Vibrating eggs/bullets, All of the above and more!
Size matterSometimes, depends on the person
"Off Limits":I guess anything that deals with ???? . I can handle Pee. Love cUM. I am always clean downstairs- as u never know what may happen. I like to rim Fuck , suck get sucked get tinned . Eat ass , have my ass eaten. Felcbing . Eat cum for a meal . Have my partn

Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasyOh - I like to actually - practice prostate massage, after we have both blown as much loads as we are going to blow. I find very. Amazing . Even Clacid , u cum after I use my fingers to gently circle ur prostate, maybe 1/2 hournor less. U + I warm the heat up then a shock from tors to head . And spasms start lots of arching - this I can’t time fellows. Then a few mins later it happens again , then again . My X FWB could have 5 multiple orgasms. But only pop 2 times. Me I’ll pop 3 times and only 3 Prostate orgasms. I just get to exhausted and fall on top of u . 2- my fave is this .
B for bed decide who will top in AM and who will bottom. Get nice a cleaned up b4 bed . Like to wake early , while ur asleep or visa versa . Get up , quietly ... pee ... lube myself up . And put some lube or PC in my palm. Make sure ur sound asleep . Light sleepers- we will need to figure out how to keep u asleep . Lol but True... then Lube u up gently . 1 finger then 2 . And I’m Big spoon as u sleep . Slide in slowly . U are sleeping remember !!! And once I’m in . Just rock back and forth . Until I see u start to harden a bit ... ur still sleeping . At some point . What’s er dream u were dreaming ... tudns into u being fucked or if me me me being fucked. But ur asleep . But the n your cock starts to harden , some moaning groaning . And pushing back onto me. Then u awake , like a nightmeR ... but good . Startled. Not sure where u are or what’s happening . As ur not yet awake. Sub conscience kicks in . And of ur bottoming . Ur Clench grips so hard I could not shooting I tried. Then u shoot huge first big rope bigger than ever 2X S much distance and volume. Once u have unclenches. I do same. And we have a longer more intense orgasm than ever . Stringer muscles and wY more liquids. As u have no inhibitions... so u let it rip . If I’m topping , it’s so hoo , I do same. If I’m topping . After ur first spray . I’ll get ur Vick in my mouth . Not let it out until I’ve sucked all of ur cum outing you !!!. If we are BBkng . If any on your chest . I’ll eat . Then slowly go south . Lift kegs up over my shoulders . Rim and suck my cum out of ur ass , or pull out with a raincoat on ... and , like to feed you my seed by kissing u . If condone required I don’t mind at all . If u still want my seed. Get a pin and prick the tip . And squeeze out my load in ur mouth or down your throat . If not . That’s fine as well . I like having six with same guy after we get to know one another . So that we can play freely , fluids and all . I know my status please know, ur . No need to lie. As I’ll sfill play regardless. If rainwear is required or jot , ok ?
But I just like clean ass , and like my aaa clean. I say u can drink Champaign out of me but ouch ... that would sting .
Cum and coffee . My favorite breakfast
3- if u wish I’ll teach u has to injaculations. When ur alone. Good for u . As seman is good for u . And to keep ejaculaging it ... can cause depression or the Ok are u done thing ... by pracging injaculations when alone... u ejachlate, back into ur own system ... all ur goodies just recirculate in u until we. Set up again . Look it up . Injaculations. I’m a huge proponent. Why I like long sessions. I don’t depleate my Hotmones, when I ejachlate. Into u or a rubber or ur mouth . When alone. There is a way to cum but injaculations. Makes sex so much better . My doc says just fine .
Fantasy sex partner:Anyone one who’s open to try new things. That I’m both attracted to mentally , physically, and emotionally. Open to trying things they have not tried , but want to try . For me... I have no interest in being fisted . And I’d tell you that . So open to do whatever we want. I love yoga inversions. Love getting fucked when hanging upside down by my feet . If u want ,,, I’ll teach u . Wish o could such mynown cock
. I can’t :( but , I can get close . And enjoy ejaculating and swallowing my is.n seed upon occasion . Not gross to me at all . Love myself. Love my cum . My kinda thoughtnotovess. If I could have 1 longer organ .. my tongue... as if line to go deep enough to massage ur prostate with my tongue until u came. Either with a cum orgasm. Or post ejaculation. Hard to keep my tongue inside ur hole for 1/2 hour I imagine . Love cock Ass . And cum and. Strength . My X FWB- was being given an AM wKing guck by me. He grabbed my shoulders so hard. Pulled me inside him my balls and everything . Ouch - but so much fun to see the Figh flight kick in and strength get so strong. He could manage. Thank god. He was filled with loads of my PC . Why I’m calmed meKh Pete . I’ve got a drilling Cock . Love that . Love commando because of leKy Pete. So naughty and sexy. Why I carry lined hankies with me at all times. So as not to. Was my suit trousers . As soon as I feel first droplets to form. Hankie. In pants. And wrap my cock head in it so I do not stain my pants with PC. If o do ... easy to remove. Different to remove. Than CUM . Does not stain